After an unknown event, Beast got tired of Humans' hate of Mutants and destroyed much of humanity. Hank and his descendants would turn human corpses into Zombies to punish them.

Sometime afterwards, a virus eliminated all Mutants except Hank's unique mutation. This would allow Beats to become the dominant of Earth. While most of the species has remain the same, a minority has evolved into giant wild cats. They, however, only have their animal instincts to guide them.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Hank McCoy of Earth-616.


Abilities varies from individual from individual, including intelligence, knowledge in the fields of science to create powered exoskeletons, physical training musculature and various abilities.

Average Strength level

Seemingly that of the Henry McCoy of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Henry McCoy of Earth-616.


Habitat: Earth
Gravity: Earth
Atmosphere: Earth


Type of Government: While specifically unknown, they do have a Queen
Level of Technology: Superior, but not that superior, to humans
Cultural Traits: Colosseum, hatred of humans, turn dead humans in to Zombies, superiority complex
Representatives: Queen Talia

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