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Cyclops-Lass is the leader of the Children of the Atom, a group of teen heroes inspired by the X-Men.


Buddy is a high school student and superhero.[1] She is the de-facto leader of the Children of the Atom, a group of young superheroes modeled after members of the X-Men; she takes after Cyclops.[1]

Her mother died when she was a child and she always felt like an outsider until she saw the X-Men on television and was inspired to be like Cyclops.[1] She, along with her friends asked Forge for his autograph before his race.[2]

As Cyclops-lass she is the de-facto leader of a group of teenage vigilantes that did not answered the call to join the mutants on Krakoa.[1]

On their first mission, the team fought the Hell's Belles (a group of criminal depowered mutants) during a robbery. After the battle she and her team were questioned by the X-Men about why they had not come to Krakoa. After explaining that they could not come to Krakoa yet, Daycrawler teleported the team away to evade the approaching police susceptible to enforce the current ban on teen vigilantes. That very night, the team went to a gateway to Krakoa but were unable to pass through.[1]



  • Alien technology in the form of a visor that can shoot red beams of concussive force.[3]
  • Pieces of Magneto's helmet that block telepathy.[4]


Teleportation by Daycrawler a.k.a Nighty-Nightcrawler.


  • Her best friend Carmen is Gimmick and her crush, Carmen's (possibly ex) boyfriend Gabe, is Cherub.[1]


  • In her spare time, she operates a fan fiction website with the screen name ArchivistX[1] and writes for the online venue Mutants Unmuted.[5]

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