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Firebird was one of the "new blood", a second generation of recruits to the Judgment League Avengers who were trained by their predecessors. At one point, she fell into a coma and was believed dead before returning to reunite with her lover, Apollo.[1]

Firebird joined the Justice League X-Men/JLX recruited by Mister X. In the Dark Firebird Saga, she joined the Hellfire Club of Injustice.[2]



Firebird is a metamutant with powerful abilities of psycho-kinetic flame"[3], seemingly duplicating the power sets of Fire (Beatriz da Costa) and Phoenix (Jean Grey).


  • Beatriz Grey was the combination of Fire (Beatriz da Costa) and Phoenix (Jean Grey) in a Marvel versus DC crossover.
    • She then took the codename "Firebird" as the combination of her "Phoenix" codename and Beatriz's "Fire" codename, with real name Beatriz Grey. Marvel's "Dark Phoenix Saga" story also being followed by Amalgam Universe, but in Amalgam the story called "Dark Firebird Saga." And, Phoenix also romantically involved with metamutant named "Apollo", Amalgam version of Cyclops who combined with DC character named Ray, which also refers to the romantic relationship between Phoenix and Cyclops.

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