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Beautiful Dreamer, along with several other Morlocks, confronted Power Pack, when the young team entered the New York sewers to look for their lost school books. The empathic Annalee, mourning her deceased children, wished to have Beautiful Dreamer alter the memories of Power Pack. The goal was to have the Power Pack believe Annalee was their mother. Two of the X-Men, Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde, stopped this plan and returned the Power children to their parents.[1]

When the Morlock leader Callisto had left for a time, Masque decided to re-implant Annalee's desires. The Power Pack's parents had their memory altered and ultimately, three of the Pack. The last member, Energizer, summoned help from the X-Men. Callisto returned in time to undo the plan and Beautiful Dreamer restored the minds of all affected.[2]

Beautiful Dreamer was among the few members of the Morlocks to survive the Marauders' "Mutant Massacre", during which most members of her community were killed. She stayed with X-Factor, for a while, along with her friends, Tar Baby, Ape, and Erg.[3]

There was a brief conflict with another group of Morlocks, as all of them did not get along. Dreamer's group eventually returned to the sewers in an attempt to create a new life for themselves. She seemingly drowned when Mikhail Rasputin flooded the Morlock tunnels, but was confirmed alive as a part of the 198 mutants who retained their powers after the events of M-Day.[4]

Beautiful Dreamer was later used by a resurrected Leper Queen. Injected with the Legacy Virus, she was loosed at an anti-mutant rally, and when her powers overloaded, she killed hundreds of humans present along with herself.[5]


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Telepathic Dream Smoke: Beautiful Dreamer is a mutant with the power to implant false memories and erroneous identities in others using her "dream smoke". She used cigarettes to focus her powers. The effect was reversible by her, though it is unknown whether a sufficiently powerful telepath could also reverse these effects.[2]

Beautiful Dreamer was thought by the O*N*E to be a Low Threat among the 198.[4]

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