Quote1.png One of the most sophisticated robots I've ever created! I shall mourn your passing. Quote2.png
-- Doctor Doom

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Synopsis for "Checkmate"

Dr. Doom has arrived at the mutant theatre now run by Alexander Flynn, finding the corpse of Hugo Longride, he removes his head -- revealing that Hugo had been a life like robot that has been monitoring Flynn, Doom's heir apparent, since he began his rise to fame in Los Angeles. Doom mourns the destruction of his robot, and vows to topple Flynn's operation once and for all.

Elsewhere in the theatre, the Beast and Dazzler have been strung up by Flynn and his Gladiators following Flynn's take over of the organization. The two once more express their feelings until Flynn arrives to break up the romantic interlude to mock them and advise them that since they are not going to join his Gladiators willingly he will have to kill them. He then tells them that he has grand ideas for his group, intending to amass an army (using his mutant power to charm people to do so) and conquer the world starting with Latveria, home of his supposed father Victor von Doom, has often failed. Dazzler silently pleads to the other mutants to stop Flynn, but finds that none are willing to turn against the clearly mad Flynn.

As Flynn begins his plot, Poltergeist and Link are on their way to the mutant theatre to help free Beast and Dazzler. Mikey's "poltergeist" power acts up, slowing the duo down when Link has to use his own powers to save them from injury. Back at the theatre, after listening to Flynn's plan of attack Max and Ivich leave the room and Max tries to talk her out of going along with the plan, but to no avail. Realizing that this is a raw deal, Max goes to the control room and frees Dazzler and Beast, completely unaware that Dr. Doom himself is watching him in the shadows.

Beast and Dazzler make a break for it, but run into Flynn and his Gladiators, Flynn orders his minions to kill the mutant lovers. As Beast and Dazzler fight off their attackers, Link and Poltergeist manage to break their way into the theatre to make their rescue. However, they may be too late as one of Flynn's mutants tries to kill Dazzler, but she is saved at the last minute by Max who arrives to lend the two a helping hand. As the battle rages on, Dr. Doom watches silently from the arena stands.

The fight is further complicated by the arrival of Poltergeist and Link, the former of whom Flynn grabs and holds at gun point. Flynn however doesn't take into account Link's mutant ability to control people like puppets and is easily taken control of. Link is about to kill Flynn, when Dazzler talks him out of it, telling Link that they should never use their mutant powers to kill. Link decides to follow her example but passes out from using his powers too long. With his mutant army deserting him Flynn is alone against Dazzler and Beast who in turn attack him. Begging Max for help, Flynn is denied and is sounds defeated by Dazzler herself.

With the battle over, Dr. Doom makes his appearance, who reveals that he's been watching the whole time. He mocks Flynn's pathetic and unfounded claims that he is Dr. Doom's heir and mocks his plot to use a mutant army to retake Latveria. No longer considering him a threat, Doom leaves Flynn to face the others in utter contempt. With Doom gone, Max takes leadership of the Gladiators and convinces them all the other Gladiators to join him in finding a new life, they leave mocking the utterly defeated Flynn, offering him to join them as their water boy.

With the battle over, Beast and Dazzler leave the theatre and return to the Heartbreak Hotel. There the two realize that while they love each other, they had escaped into a romance much in the same way that Dazzler found escapism from the Gladiators and amicably party. While outside, Poltergeist and Link have decided to leave the Heartbreak Hotel, unsure of where they are going to go, but ready to enjoy whatever adventure they may find there.

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