Becka McBride, was an attorney to the peoples movement, but what she was really fighting against was the law. The law that allowed the rich to do as they want and the poor to be victims. In these times money is power, and the poor are nothing. After winning a lawsuit in court against a big business, she became a target for major corporations, her and her business associates.

One by one they were hunted and killed. When it was finally her time to die, she came quietly after a threat was made toward her family. For a time she was calm, till she found out it was the work of a low-level telepath. Realizing that she attempts to escape and is shot in the back, she falls to the ground, still alive. As they surround her, Sister Lucia, a vampire appears and easily kills all the men.

As Becka lays there dying, Lucia tells her she could live-- for a price. Becka closes her eyes as she's bitten and she opens them now-- every time-- as Lachryma.

Powers and Abilities


A. Being a vampire, her form bends light so mirrors and cameras can not see her.

B. Able to grow wings and fly.

C. Able to survive falls from high buildings.

D. Easily seducing the living.

E. Many other vampire ability, which have not been mention but still can be true or possible.


1. Sister Lucia taught her how to suck blood without killing.

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