This complex was created by Bedlam using his telekinetic/psychokinetic powers. The complex was vast and sprung up overnight. After capturing both Alpha Flight and Derangers, Bedlam forced them to fight one another. During the fight, most of the Derangers and Bedlam were killed.[1]

Bedlam's Complex from Alpha Flight Vol 1 55 001

Alpha Flight was trapped there due to a storm and began considering using it as their new headquarters, using their abilities to repair damage done during the battle.[2] They would soon discover the complex was larger than it appeared on the surface, extending far underneath the polar ice. Using Madison Jeffries metal transmuting abilities, they were able to make the environment more hospitable.[3] During a battle with the Great Beasts, Jeffries merged the Complex with his own Box armor to battle Tundra.[3] During the battle, Jeffries released an intense energy burst which literally blew him off the face of the earth. He converted the merged complex/Box armor into a spaceship. While exploring the "Boxship," Goblyn discovered experiments of Bedlam, Bedlamites, which attacked Alpha Flight. The team was able to destroy the infection, saving Jeffries' mind.[4]

The remains of the complex were eventually destroyed in Liveworld when Laura Dean transported the team there and Box crashed.[5]

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