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The Beehive is an incredibly complex structure which looms high above a rocky plateau in what is possibly the remotest spot on Earth, completely inaccessible to any normal means of travel. It was the Enclave's research facility, where their scientists created a number of scientific breakthroughs.

Blind sculptress Alicia Masters was brought here by Dr. Hamilton, asking for her aid to describe to the Enclave what their new prototype living being creation, dubbed Him, looked like and to sculp his likeness[1].

In the meantime, the Fantastic Four realized Alicia was missing and managed to locate the Beehive, using a replicated version of Hamilton's space warper wristband. Just before the Fantastic Four rescued Masters and escaped through the Enclave's teleportation machine, Hamilton was killed in a rockslide caused by one of Him's energy discharges. Electronics scientist Mr. Zota warned Him that the energy necessary for flight would cause the total destruction of the Beehive. Believing them to be evil, Him flew off in defiance of the warning[2].

Almost a decade later the project would be resurrected with a new Enclave, however, due to the intervention of the Hulk it ended in failure. Bruce Banner's S.H.I.E.L.D. assistants took the Beehive as their new base.[3]


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