Beep was the ruler of the Meeps, an advanced, peace-loving and extremely cute and furry alien race who lived in harmony with the universe, playing games all day and generally being very nice to each other, until radiation from a black star which passed close to their planet turned them into a race of extremely cute and furry genocidal maniacs. The Meeps waged war on the galaxy, subjugating whole races until they were beaten back and all but wiped out by the Wrarth Warriors, a galactic police unit built from five alien races, who were mobilized against them by the Galactic Star Council.[1] Only Beep escaped and, pursued by the Wrarth Warriors, eventually crash landed in the town of Blackcastle on Earth. There, the innocent-seeming alien was discovered by Sharon Davies and her friend Fudge, two teenage schoolkids.[2] The Meep ingratiated himself with Sharon and Fudge (initially pretending to be merely an animal, and later a fugitive from monsters who had destroyed his race)[2][3] but after the Wrarth Warriors told The Doctor the truth about Beep,[1] he was forced to show his hand. He hypnotized Sharon, and tried escaping from Earth, nearly turning Blackcastle into a Black Hole in the process,[4][5] but the Doctor defeated Beep, and the Wrarth Warriors took him away to face trial for his many horrendous crimes.[5][6]

Beep was sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment (several human lifetimes, in fact) but was inexplicably paroled after only fifteen years and has returned to bedevil the Doctor on several subsequent occasions.[citation needed]


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