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The Beetle was an unnamed Latverian agent who was sent to New York City to retrieve a symbiote sample from Roxxon. During and before his theft he was approached by Spider-Man. At first Beetle tried to avoid having to fight him. Ultimately, Spider-Man's interference foiled the Beetle's theft by inadvertently causing him to drop the symbiote sample, and making it worthless to retrieve.[1]

Months later, the Beetle broke into the building that Venom was being held in by Bolivar Trask. Venom chased after the Beetle who sliced off one of his symbiotic tentacles. Upon cornering Beetle, Venom was attacked by Spider-Man. When Venom seized Beetle with his tentacles, Spider-Man saved Beetle by sending him sprawling onto the streets. Beetle witnessed Spider-Man being possessed by the symbiote and was then attacked by him but was able to escape.[2]

A month later Beetle disguised himself as a normal pedestrian while innocently listening to Eddie Brock's personal story in Central Park, and eventually captured him after Brock turned into Venom.[3]

Sometime later, his suit was seen being repaired by the Tinkerer.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Beetle of Earth-616.


The suit that the Beetle wore is capable of producing flight similar to those of Iron Man'sarmor but also leaves a trail of light whenever he tries boosting his flight speed, and is also capable of phasing through solid matter.



Beetle Armor.


Built in wrist mounted plasma and bladed weapons.


Beetle Armor.


  • The Beetle in fact never calls himself "Beetle", but Spider-Man was the first person to give him his moniker name.


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