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When the MK I Beetle Armor was trashed by Iron Man, Jenkins and the Tinkerer designed a newer version of the Beetle. The armor featured a battle computer that was capable of analyzing an opponents fighting style and was capable of predicting the persons action.

While retaining the suction cup features on the hands, the fingers were shortened to normal finger length, and the suit was now capable of projecting electrical discharges known as an Electro-Bite. The first version of this outfit suffered from one tragic flaw, the antennae on the helmet were tied into the power supply and if either were damaged the suit would short out.

Abner refined this in later versions.

The armor was improved by Justin Hammer using stolen Stark Technology and as such made him a target by Anthony Stark during the first Armor Wars. The suit was destroyed by one of Stark's Negator Packs.

Abner would have the suit rebuilt by the Tinkerer (although it was less sophisticated) and it was on par with his second version of the Mark II. Abner used this suit until he became Mach I, a member of the Thunderbolts.[1]


The Mark II Armor is a more streamlined and versatile armor than the Mark I.

The armor was made of a magnesium alloy, it enhances its wearer's durability and strength (lifting around 1 ton) and flight (60 mph). It is powered by the collection of microwave emissions with its antennae. The armor could also use this as a form of ECM by distorting reception of other devices.

On-board cameras gave the wearer a full 360-degree field of view. It had a number of other communications and sensors. A proximity alarm could be set to trigger if certain individuals become close to its location. Jenkins often set it for Spider-Man and other heroes while committing crimes.

The armor's gloves were able to generate a tremendous amount of static electricity for use as a close range attack or blast called the 'electrobite'.

The armor's battle computer was able to track a target and attempt to predict its moves based upon data it had previously collected.

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Abner Jenkins (Earth-12041) from Ultimate Spider-Man (animated series) Season 1 16 0002.jpg On Earth-12041, the Beetle Armor MK II appeared in Power Man's imagination on how he would take out the Beetle. Ultimate Spider-Man (animated series) Season 1 16

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