When he was "released" from prison by the Commission on Superhuman Activities, Abner Jenkins designed and supervised the construction of a new Beetle armor. This model, using all of the latest and greatest technologies at his disposal, was much larger than this previous armors and had a multitude of offensive and defensive weapons.[1]

Upon his release from the CSA's service, the armor was retained by the V-Battalion. It was later given to Leila Davis to serve on the Redeemers team. Leila used the armor until she was crushed while still in the armor by Graviton.[2]

After Davis's death, the Beetle armor would go unused until when all three versions were stolen and used by three college students. How, why and exactly when the third version of the armor was rebuilt was not made clear.[3]


Made of molecular aligned crystallized iron over titanium nitride. This model was considerably larger and more powerful than previous models, enhancin its wearer's durability, strength (lifting around 50 tons), and flight (Mach 1.2). Large cannons were mounted on the back. It also used a missile launcher. The new antennae featured the same abilities as previous versions, but could also fire microwave blasts. It used anti gravity units to fly. It also used Grapple Coils ensnare targets.

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