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This guy was behind the two initial Secret War events, and the Watchman decided to recruit him (as his last option) to manage a third Secret War.[1] By then, the Behinder was walking through the Earth and, finding a great bunch of superpowered people fighting each other, asked them if that meeting was Secret Wars III, but the superheroes threw him away.[2]

For I am the Behinder!

Soon afterward, the Watchman called in the Behinder and asked him to stage a new Secret War, especially to counter the Demeaning Cosmos' alternate timelines. To do so, the Behinder summoned a score of wicked supervillains to the Moon. Then, disregarding the Watchman's advice to not hasten things, the Behinder decided to act quickly because the previous two Secret Wars had been made that way and Marvel Comics had made so much money that way, so why was he to change his ways? The Behinder even prompted the artists to draw the characters schematically. Eventually, the Moon was too small for the crowd of villains there, and it was thrown out of its orbit.[1]



The Behinder can use his powers to move people, including super-powered people, through space: During Secret Wars III, the Behinder moved supervillains (probably from Earth) toward the Moon. This was not done via teleportation; instead, the villains approached the Moon physically as if drawn telekinetically. Probably the Behinder did something to help these villains breathe in the airless space between Earth's atmosphere and the Moon.[1]

Also, the Behinder can make a cook hat appear on his head from nowhere with a move of his hand.[1]


The Behinder has management skills he used at least twice to stage the "Secret Wars" events, which were used by Marvel Comics to earn a lot of money. Among other skills, the Behinder can perform somersaults.[1]


The Behinder tends to hurry when staging events. He also tends to ignore recommendations of others when he's doing "his job."[1]



A cook hat with the text "Cosmic Cooky".[1]


Teleportation, telekinesis.[1]


The Behinder is Earth-9047's version of Earth-616's Beyonder.

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