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Bei the Blood Moon was a mutant of Arakko with the power of the "Doom Note", allowing her to level mountains with her voice and to be understood by any living being. Wielding the blade Seducer, she became a huntress and warrior of great renown.[2]

X of Swords

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After Saturnyne arranged for a tournament between the islands of Krakoa and Arakko, Bei was one of the swordbearers chosen by prophecy to fight for Arakko. She was easily recruited by Summoner, requiring only the promise of battle to agree.[2]

Bei took part in the tournament and in her first challenge faced off against Krakoan mutant Cypher, whose own powers over language rendered him incapable of understanding her (since she does not communicate via language). Instead of fighting as expected, she was to wed Cypher, earning each team a point for completing the ceremony.[3]

She took part in two more challenges, a dance contest and a duel against Cable, both of which she won for Arakko.[4][5]

At the end of the tournament, the scores between the two islands were even ahead of the final challenge; a duel between Apocalypse and his wife, Genesis possessed by the elder god Annihilation. Apocalypse gained the upper hand, causing Annihilation to seize control over its host and summon its demonic army. While her fellow swordbearers contemplated what to do, most deciding to hunt the Krakoans for sport, Bei decided to abandon their cause and save her husband.[6]


She stole Doug away from his compatriots and tried to bring him to safety, but was convinced to take him back and to stand with the Krakoan mutants against the hordes of Amenth.[6] While the battle initially looked grim, the Krakoans managed to win through the intervention of the X-Men, Captain Britain Corps, and the Vescora. After the end of the tournament, Arakko was free from Amenth's rule and moved to Earth, yet Bei moved to Krakoa to live with her husband.[7]


After a honeymoon, Bei moved into Doug's home on Krakoa and was introduced to his friends.[8]

When Merlin and King Arthur enacted a plot to seize control of Avalon and rid Otherworld of mutants once and for all, Bei fought alongside Excalibur to defend Otherworld for mutantkind.[9] Later, she was among those recruited for the Knights of X to continue to safeguard Otherworld.[10]



Her mutant power is described as "the Doom Note".[2], which gives her the ability to produce destructive sound waves from her mouth.[11] This power also instantly translates her speech to each person it comes in contact with psionically.[3]


Bei's powers can be understood by all due to its psychic nature, except for Cypher, whose power cannot interact with hers properly because she isn't speaking a true language, but rather making a psychic connection with the people she interacts with.[3] This could mean she cannot be understood by cybernetic beings as well.



  • Seducer: Bei the Blood Moon wields the blade named Seducer.[2]


  • Bei, along with all the Swordbearers introduced during "X of Swords," was initially envisioned by Jonathan Hickman and designed by Pepe Larraz.[12][13]
  • Bei's power, "the Doom Note", seems to be a living psychic entity and Bei's mutant power all in one. With a desire to be understood by people, it makes anyone understand Bei's instantly, save Cypher.[citation needed]

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