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As the wielder of the blade called Seducer, Bei was summoned to join the Swordbearers of Arakko against Krakoa.[1]

Bei took part in the tournament and its challenge by facing off her opponent, Cypher, who was incapable of understanding her. Instead of fighting as expected, she was to wed Cypher, earning each team a point for completing the ceremony.[2]

Her next challenger was a dance off with War against her husband, and Wolverine. Even though Doug fared well, Bei and War claimed the point for Arakko.[3]

She competed in yet another challenge and this time it actually consisted of a sword fight to the death. Her opponent was Cable and, despite him having the upper hand in the beginning, he flinched when delivering the final blow, giving her the opening she needed. Before striking him and winning for Arakko, Doug interrupted and begged Bei not to kill a child. Although not what Saturnyne issued as the challenge, she said the death of Cable's spirit was enough.[4]

Taking their marriage seriously, she moved to Krakoa with Doug, as well her sword was listed to be there with her, which seemingly confirms her move.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Her mutant power is described as "the Doom Note".[1] The meaning of this is unclear.

  • Acoustikinesis: Bei has been reported to be able to use "the Doom Note" to create a powerful concussive blast that has leveled a mountain.
  • Psionic Speech: Bei's power instantly translates her speech to each person it comes in contact with psionically.


Bei's powers can be understood by all due to its psychic nature, except for Cypher, whose power cannot interact with hers properly because she isn't speaking a true language, but rather making a psychic connection with the people she interacts with.[2] This could mean she cannot be understood by cybernetic beings as well.



  • Seducer: Bei the Blood Moon wields the blade named Seducer.[1]


  • Bei, along with all the Swordbearers introduced during "X of Swords," was initially envisioned by Jonathan Hickman and designed by Pepe Larraz.[6][7]
  • Bei's power, "the Doom Note", seems to be a living psychic entity and Bei's mutant power all in one. With a desire to be understood by people, it makes anyone understand Bei's instantly, save Cypher.
  • Bei doesn't speak a true language, but actually uses a psychic connection to speak to people.

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