The Iron Fist of the year 1860 was mad with power and fought the British Army. During what was called the Second Opium War, the English and French had allied together against the Chinese. Bei Bang-Wen, a native of China, and the wielder of the Iron Fist, had formulated the perfect battle plan to defeat his enemies at the Forts of Taku. His perfect strategy mind, which is attained by using the chi of Shou-Lao, the Undying in more intellectual ways, orchestrated a battle of ten thousand men all within Bei Bang-Wen’s thoughts. Bei had also thought this battle would lead to his death and was ready to embrace it willingly. However, for the first time in his life, Bei Bang-Wen was wrong on two counts – the Chinese lost the fight, and his life was spared by his enemies even though all those who fought with him had perished. Bei was taken prisoner, beaten regularly and eventually forced into slave labor since his powers had seemed to have left him.[citation needed]

Bei Bang-Wen

Bei sometimes had trouble remembering he was no longer a leader of men, but his guards had no trouble at all reminding him of his place. One such day, a man named Vivatma Visvajit helped Bei to his feet after the guards whipped him into submission, and the two became instant friends. Vivatma had a similar tale to tell – one in which he, too, was cut off from his power source but knew of a way to get it back. Bei wasted no time in helping Vivatma lead a rebellion in the prison so the two could escape, and Vivatma could regain his powers, and Bei could finally die.[citation needed]

After a grueling journey to Burma, India, Bei and Vivatma finally made it to their destination – the palace of Vivatma’s exiled poet king. The two warriors made their way inside only to find they were led into a trap. The poet king had been long dead, and his killer was waiting to feast on the energy both men had to offer. However, she was disappointed to find her prey so normal. Nevertheless, the woman called Tiger Jani attacked, and it seemed all was lost for Bei and his friend. Vivatma was stunned at the events unraveling before him, but with the loss of his king and the loss of the shame he felt within, his powers returned to him. He was once again touched by the power of the Brahman. Bei watched Tiger Jani and Vivatma exchange blows, and suddenly a feeling Bei had thought lost to him returned, and Bei Bang-Wen charged into the fray. Bei fought hard, but in the end, a fatal blow from Tiger Jani downed Bei Bang-Wen. Vivatma quickly defeated Jani and went to his friend’s side. Together, the power of the Brahman and the chi of Shou-Lao healed Bei, and Bei returned the favor by using his perfect strategy mind to help Vivatma’s cause.[citation needed]

Bei Bang-Wen returned to the city of his birth and relinquished his powers back to K'un-Lun, so the cycle of the Iron Fist could begin again. Bei took a wife and had thirteen sons, but his "death" at the Forts of Taku remains an essential part of his legend.[citation needed]


Danger Sense, Energy-Enhanced Strike, Energy Manipulation, Iron Fist, Healing


Martial Arts, Swordsmanship

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