Bekkit was a member of a sect of Lemurian telepaths known as the Ancients. The Ancients were opposed to the mad Lemurian king Naga who, via the power of the Serpent Crown, had ruled Lemuria for over 500 years. After the murder of their brother Aurwel, Bekkit and Psycatos sneaked into Naga's castle, stole the Serpent Crown and smuggled it to Antarctica. There the Ancients found a dynamo left behind by the pre-Cataclysm Atlantis and founded a colony on the surface of Antarctica.

Bekkit's wife Jhandark devised a potion that turned the Lemurians Caucasian and allowed them to live on the surface. Bekkit and his wife and children left the community to contact the human race. During his years away Bekkit founded a group of telepaths who in scholarly circles in the 19th century also became known as the ancients. An elderly Bekkit returned to the community his brother Psycatos ruled in Antarctica and learned that they had all been corrupted and turned into Serpent Men by the elder god Set. Bekkit cursed Psycatos for betraying everything they believed in before Psycatos killed him. Psycatos killed himself and used the dynamo to bury himself and the Serpent Crown for centuries.[1]



Bekkit encased the serpent crown in a mysterious metal to lessen it's ability to mentally control others.

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