The god Bel was born in Shumir, an ancient city in Shem.[14]

Early Years

Eons ago, at the time of the eldritch gods, Bel used his powers to summon an army of dead thieves which ravaged the world.

The evil god Bel fought with Ashtoreth, at Khumar-Kum (the portal to the Land of the Dead, where the goddess defeated him and his armies of the dead. Ashtoreth severed his sixth arm, thus destroying his power and sending him into eternal in what became Zamora.[10]

Hyborian Age

During the Hyborian Age, Bel the Masked God[9] was a god from the Shemites of Shumir,[1] and the patron of Arenjun, in Zamora.[15]

He was adopted ("borrowed") as the patron of one of the Corinthian city-state,[1] and worshiped by the such of a Kothian women-stealer, Taurus of Nemedia, prince of thieves,[3] or the cutthroats Brutos of he Weak Mind[6] and Rikko,[11] and was allegedly the god the most prized by the people of Zamora,[5] being one of two known deities there (the other being the Spider-God of Yezud).[15]

A series of thieves' guideline rules and way of life were known as the Words of Wisdom, by Bel.[4]


  • "Bel" is the feminine form of Ba'al. Though, any relationship between Bel and Ba'al is unconfirmed.[13]

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