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  • Marcosa had a number of magical abilities. His physical form had died, but spirit continued to exist as an ectoplasmic wraith (astral self). He could take physical form and alter his appearance at will, but he was otherwise immune to physical harm under normal conditions. He can manipulate the perceptions of others and even mentally control them to some extent. Beings with psychic or empathic abilities are even more subject to his power. It is difficult to determine the extent of his power, as much of what he has been observed to perform may have been illusion.
  • Marcosa's influence center around his house. The House is at the top of a mountain, overlooking a sheer cliff, and is perpetually surrounded by a foul smelling mist. Around the house, Marcosa can alter the earth into quicksand like consistency, causing it to swallow up solid objects. He can animate the bodies of the numerous beings who had died around Marcosa House over the years. He can levitate any of the materials in Marcosa House, using them as weapons. He frequently animated the Sentinel of Hell, which was a gargoyle posed over the entrance of the House. He can form three-dimensional replicas of other beings, even superhumans, and use them to attack others.[1]


Marcosa's primary weakness was magical forces, especially that of other spirits. Such forces once reverted him into a physical form, leaving him subject to mortal injury.

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