Belén was an emerging mutant whose powers wreaked havoc on Barcelona, Spain. She was targeted by Bastion's reprogrammed "mutant Sentinels," which neutralized her powers and intended to take her to their master.

Having detected the Sentinel's presence, the time-displaced X-Men flew to Barcelona and tried to stop the robots before Belén revealed they were actually trying to help her.

The young X-Men and Belén were subsequently taken to Bastion's island base. When Bastion revealed his new mission to save mutantkind, she obtained Belén's support; however, the X-Men eventually discovered that Bastion merely intended to ensure mutants' survival so he could fulfill his original directive, that being to kill them later.

The X-Men then tried to attack Bastion and his Sentinels, but he teleported away. When the X-Men left the island on the Blackbird, Jean suggested they dropped Belén off at the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach in Central Park.[1]

Unfortunately Belén's stay in Manhattan was cut short when the new X-Cutioner took advantage of the chaos as the island was isolated by the Darkforce Dimension to infiltrate the mansion and kill several students including Belén.[2]


Mutant: Belen is a mutant, possessing the following abilities:

  • Geokinesis: Even though Belen's powers were never demonstrated, she appears to possess some degree of geokinesis, causing an earthquake that cracked open the streets of Barcelona.[1]

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