Belith was with his fellow Dark Elves sitting around a fire while talking about their failed conquest of Midgard. Belith wasn't to keen on the whole idea of war as he believed that rulers always end up getting their own people killed and that he never really like the idea of leaving home in the first place.

But their conversation was cut short as the trio were attacked by the Punisher who came there to get revenge on all the monsters who attacked New York City. He killed all the elves except for Belith who Castle was specifically looking for as the elf was well known for his skills as a navigator. Punisher chained Belith to the front of his van as it was being pulled by Thor's enchanted goat Toothgnasher.

Belith's job was to guide them to Jotunheim since there was no way to activate the Bifrost after it was destroyed. Belith tried to properly introduce himself to Punisher, but Castle didn't want to hear a word so he referred to Belith only as War Prisoner Zero One. As Belith garnered the goat's reigns, Castle showed him a picture of a humanoid shark that was drawn by one of the kids from Midgard. Punisher asked if Belith had ever seen one of these which he replied that it looked like one of the genetic experiments of the High Evolutionary who occupied the planet Counter-Earth. He then had Belith change course choosing to go their before going to Jotunheim.

Landing in an open grass field on the artificial world, Belith stayed behind as Castle ventured on alone. After some time had passed, Punisher came back to their ride with Foggy Nelson who was captured by that specific New Men who the Punisher had killed. As Belith guided them out of Counter-Earth's orbit, the trio bypassed the intergalactic Rider who headed off in the other direction.

The group finally made it to the desired location, with Punisher and Foggy heading off to find Kasyckla while Belith once again staying behind in wait.[1] Learning that the Frost Giant never returned to his own realm, Castle freed another captive, Juggernaut who was taken by the Giants as they tried to extract the powers of Cyttorak out of him. Punisher whistled for Toothgnasher to come get them with Belith in tow as he ordered the elf to take them back to Earth so they could get ahold of the Black Knight and his Ebony Blade so they could use it to penetrate the Uru laced door that Kasyckla was hiding behind in Nidavellir.[2]

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