The bellboy in Hotel Galacticus, New Hampshire, was also a serial killer who, for reasons unrevealed, murdered the people in the hotel's room. His M.O. included knocking at their doors, wait until they opened up, and then shoot.

The bellboy first shot and killed a hotel inspector who was pretending to be a guest to get a first-hand experience of the hotel. He then left and knocked at celebrity guest Fizzler's door. He attacked Fizzler, but her bodyguard Multiple-Guy stopped and killed the bellboy - not before being hurt in several of his duplicated bodies. One of the duplicated Multiple-Guy hid the bellboy's body on a rug and left to get rid of the corpse.

Meanwhile, hotel owner Galacticus found the inspector's body and resurrected him with his own power - only to see him die again in a Captain Marble-related accident. Knowing that the man was the hotel inspector, who intended to close down the hotel, Galacticus' herald Novice decided to move the inspector's body to New Jersey before resurrecting him. She took the body on a rug to move it discreetly.

Novice crashed onto Multiple-Guy and other people carrying corpses on rugs, and each accidentally took another person's body. The bellboy ended on Nova's hand and, when she saw the bellboy, she was so surprised she considered leaving her current job.[1]


He used a semi-automatic gun in one hand, and a tray with food in the other one.

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