Belle is a bleeding-edge artificial intelligence from the 2080s housed inside Cable's cybernetic arm who manifests herself as an anthropomorphic pin-up "holo-ink" tattoo.[1][2]

In the year 2087, Belle assisted Cable investigate the contagion that killed everyone on Earth save for a handful of Inhumans. After getting a date to return to in a journal, Belle and Cable went to the past with an enzyme inhibitor Cable had developed to cure those affected by the contagion, and helped the Avengers defeat the person behind it: the Shredded Man.[3]

When the Red Skull mind-controlled Quicksilver into capturing Cable,[4] Belle erased herself from his cybernetic arm[5] to make room for his mind, thus preventing the Red Skull from taking over it to access Cable's time-jumping abilities.[6]

Returning some time later under unknown circumstances, Belle helped Cable escape from Deadpool, who had to kill Cable to pay a debt he had with Stryfe for saving his daughter, after being severely injured by him. The duo was eventually tracked down and separated by Deadpool, who cut Cable's cybernetic arm off. Following the apprehension of Cable by the Time Variance Authority, Deadpool used a logic bomb created by the Avengers to fight against Belle in her turf.[7]

With Cable's cybernetic arm attached to his body and being run by his A.I., Deadpool managed to locate Cable; however, he wasn't able to finish him off for Cable regained control over his prosthetic, which prompted Belle to destroy Deadpool's A.I. and rejoin Cable.[8]

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