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Belle Porte is a suburb in Connecticut about 100 miles Northeast of Manhattan.[1] Susan and Reed Richards moved to a house there in hopes of giving Franklin Richards a normal life. [2] During their stay, Reed and Susan adopted secret identities: Susan wore a red-haired wig, Reed used his powers to alter his appearance and the family assumed the last name Benjamin (Franklin's middle name). The Richards left Belle Porte after a battle with Mephisto destroyed their home and caused them to reveal their identities to the neighbors.[3]


  • Reed Richards (former)
  • Susan Storm (former)
  • Franklin Richards (former)
  • Alma Chalmers, curious elderly woman who spies on her neighbors [4]
  • Martha Winslow, real estate agent and neighbor of Susan Storm and Reed Richards [5]
  • Kate Dwyer, local babysitter [6]
  • Lois and Hyram Fieldstone, neighbors in the second house on the next block from Susan Storm and Reed Richards [7]
  • Alice Winchell , neighbor of Susan Storm and Reed Richards [8]
  • Danny Winchell , son of Alice Winchell [9]


Some of Belle Porte's residents bear striking resemblances to classic comic strip characters. [10]

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