Not much is known about the Bems, a race of insectoid aliens unique to the Earth-5391 reality, a reality where space travel and exploration boomed in the late 20th Century. By the year 2075 they were enemies of the United Planets, a coalition of planets in Earth's solar system that were devoted to intergalactic peace. The Bems, led by Bakka, led raids across the solar system, prompting the United Planets to send the Space Sentinels to deal with it. Captain Speed Carter, his sidekick Johnny Day and his girlfriend Stellar Stone soon found themselves captured by the Bems. Their leader Bakka then demanded that Speed order the Space Sentinels to stop their attack on the Bems so they could leave the asteroid they were forced to take cover on. When Carter refused, Bakka then used a matter converter device to transform Stellar into a Tigagator and Johnny into a Girafonkey, its natural prey, and set them against each other. When Speed still refused to give the orders, he found himself transformed into an Elepheagle and set free. Retaining his human intelligence, Speed then led the Space Sentinels to the asteroid on a counterattack that saw the Bems wiped out. Speed and his friends were then restored to human form. It is unknown if any Bems still live[1].


Habitat: Earth standard
Gravity: Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth standard


Type of Government: The Bems were a group of raiders ruled by a central leader.
Level of Technology: Advanced. Presumably they had access to rockets for space travel, but what kind has not been documented. The Bems have been shown wielding ray weapons of an unknown type. They also had defensive weapons such as an indestructible plastic which they fashioned into domes to imprison their enemies and a "Matter Converter" that could at least transform living creatures into other species. The transformation process also adjusted the beings' intelligence and instincts to fit whatever animal they were turned into. Only those with strong will power could fight off the mental effects of the transformation. The process was reversable.
Representatives: Tromak, Bakka

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