Ben Goldendawn was a Canadian First Nations mutant whose brother, Forrest, a mutant with superhuman strength, was kidnapped by the US Government's Virus program to be brainwashed into service for the government.

Ben crossed the border to save him, and was attacked by superstitious locals, who mistook him for a sasquatch. He was saved by the arrival of Holo, who frightened the hicks away with her illusions. Holo was part of a ragtag team of mutants assembled by Wolverine to wage a secret crusade against mutant oppression; Ben accepted their offer to join and took the codename Yeti.

Wolverine's team raided Virus's compound and rescued the mutants that were to be brainwashed, including Forrest, whom Virus had taken as a direct host. Unfortunately, Virus's control of Forrest persisted, and he alerted Bolivar Trask's Sentinels to the location of the team's safehouse.


Yeti had superhuman strength, and his entire body was covered in a coat of thick, white hair, which, coupled with his abnormal size, earned him his name.

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