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Quote1 Dad used to tell me stories about him. He was a hero who died before I was born. Quote2
-- Spider-Girl src

In the alternate future of MC2, Ben Reilly's "niece," May Parker aka Spider-Girl, wears Ben's version of the Spider-Man costume and webshooters, having been raised on tales of her heroic "Uncle Ben". Like her father, May has an Uncle Ben. However, unlike her dad, May never knew her uncle: Ben Reilly, Spider-Man's clone. His last words before his death are about her: "Take care of my "niece", Peter... tell her about... her Uncle Ben".[1] Her first costume and webshooters are in fact his, kept in storage since his death. When May asks her father about him, however, Peter leaves out the fact that Ben was really a clone, instead referring to him as a cousin. If May has any children in the future, they too would have an Uncle Ben, May's baby brother. As Peter and MJ named May after Peter's Aunt May, May asks which Uncle Ben the newborn is named after: her Uncle Ben, or Peter's Uncle Ben. Peter asks if it really matters, and May simply responds, "I guess not".[2]

Ben Reilly sired a son with Elizabeth Tyne, named Reilly Tyne, who became the hero known as Darkdevil after Kaine tried to save his "nephew" from cellular degeneration.[3]


Seemingly those of the Ben Reilly of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Ben Reilly of Earth-616.

Strength level

He could probably lift 10 tons


Seemingly those of the Ben Reilly of Earth-616.


Web-Shooters, Spider-Suits


Seemingly those of the Ben Reilly of Earth-616.

Hints about Darkdevil's true identity in early issues of Spider-Girl led many fans, as evidenced by the book's letter page, to theorize that Darkdevil was in fact Ben Reilly himself. Later in the series, Kaine reformed.

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