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The Benatar is a Ravager M-ship. Following the destruction of the Milano,[2] the Benatar was adopted as the new main spacecraft used by the Guardians of the Galaxy for interstellar flights.[3]

The Guardians of the Galaxy abroad the Benatar

The Guardians flew in the Benatar to answer a distress signal from the Asgardians' Statesman. Unfortunately, the Guardians arrived after the Statesman had been destroyed by Thanos. They accidentally stumbled upon Thor's unconscious body, and took him aboard. After deducing Thanos' next course of action in his search for the Infinity Stones, Thor, Rocket and Groot left in a pod headed to Nidavellir while the other Guardians used the Benatar to travel to the Collector's Museum in Knowhere. After failing to confront Thanos in Knowhere and losing Gamora, the remaining Guardians flew the Benatar to Titan in hopes of finding Thanos and Gamora there.[3]


  • The Benatar is presumably named after singer/songwriter Pat Benatar.

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