Quote1.png Your king's head is on the block, darling. I've finally found a chink in that resolute armor of yours -- you must be losing your touch to place yourself in such jeopardy. Quote2.png
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A member of the Hellfire Club, Benazir Kaur became part of Shinobi Shaw's Inner Circle. Acting as the White Queen, Benazir was close to Shinobi and enjoyed playing chess with him.

Benazir aided Shinobi when he kidnapped and drugged Storm. When X-Men members Gambit and Bishop interfered, Benazir used her mutant abilities to use Gambit's smoking habit against him, causing him to experience advanced-stage lung cancer. This was reversed when Bishop knocked Benazir unconscious.[1]

Eventually, Sebastian Shaw returned and Shinobi's Inner Circle disbanded. Benazir's subsequent activities remain unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Bodily Illness Acceleration: Benazir apparently possesses the mutant ability to accelerate disease processes in the human body. This requires her concentration, as symptoms vanish if she is knocked unconscious.


  • Kaur was revealed as a former White Queen in Hellfire Club's entry in OHOTMU A-Z Hardcover #5.[2]
  • Benazir Kaur appeared in Super Nintendo's Wolverine: Adamantium Rage as a boss fight, under the codename, "Fugue". Although identified as Kaur, the video character wore a concealing hood and had powers more similar to Reeva Payge, Kaur's sister Queen.

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