Benito Serrano suffered recurring nightmares about being chased through a labyrinth by a Minotaur, which the extra-dimensional being Nightmare exploited in order to turn Benito into an anchor to help him entire the mortal world, which also resulted in Benito, as well as four other children, being turned into monsters based on their personal fears. Thanks to the intervention of Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner, Benito broke out of his nightmares and aided the other children to do the same, but his astral form was compromised in the process, leaving him trapped in the form of the Minotaur. He has since joined the Howling Commandos, hoping to use his newfound strength to protect people while waiting for Dr. Strange to restore him to normal.[1]

Unhappy with being turned into a Minotaur, Benito is depressive, but derives some comfort from helping and protecting others.


As Minotaur, Benito possesses enhanced strength and endurance.

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