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Judged by his fellow Watchers for his constant interference in the lives of the people of Earth, Uatu was forced to train a young watcher named Aron on the meaning of the Watchers' code of non-interference. [1] However, after an interaction with the Fantastic Four, [2] Aron became obsessed with not just observing, but controlling the events of those he watched. Developing a suit of armor that rendered him invisible to Uatu's gaze and procuring the android Dragon Man, Aron sought to obtain the DNA samples of the Fantastic Four. [3] With the help of the Frightful Four, Aron succeeded in his task. He then created clones of the existing members of the Fantastic Four, Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing, and Ms. Marvel. [4]

With the real Fantastic Four put in suspended animation so he could watch their dreams, Aron sent the clones out into the world to take their place. Their first order of business was to recreate the first battle against the Fantastic Four's oldest foe, the Mole Man. Raising the previously sunken Monster Island from the ocean floor, the cloned Fantastic Four attacked the Mole Man and his minions. After defeating their foes, the clones fled the island after setting off a massive explosion. [5] Seeking to recreate the Fantastic Four's encounter with the Miracle Man, the clones later attacked an innocent magician during a stage performance and exposed how he performed his magic tricks to an increasingly hostile crowd. Feeling under appreciated for their "efforts", the clone of Mister Fantastic suggested that they begin charging a "Fantasti-Tax" in order to pay for their services. [6]

Eventually the activities of the clones attracted the attention of the Avengers and Doctor Strange who came to believe that some outside force had changed the real Fantastic Four's personalities. However before the fight could get out of hand, the clones all found themselves teleported back to Aron's hideout in the Rocky Mountains. There they discovered that the Fantastic Four and Frightful Four had broken free and were battling it out, while Aron himself was trapped in suspended animation. The Fantastic Four and their clones battled it out with one another until the real Fantastic Four defeated them. Freeing himself from suspended animation, Aron came to the conclusion that experiencing the dreams of others was more fascinating than their real life exploits, he sent the Frightful Four to the Vault, the real Fantastic Four home, and spirited off to manipulate the dreams of his clones. [7]

Although Aron has appeared since, there has been no word on the final fate of his clones.

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