At one point, Ben was married to Sue Storm. Apparently it ended badly, as when Ben of 616 was inhabiting his body, Doctor Doom reminded him that the court order requires him to stay 100 feet away from her at all times.

Doom didn't believe any of Ben's story, and held him in containment while the Challengers of Doom continued to investigate the Russian's claims of Gallactus arriving at Moscow. When the report turned out to be true, Sue let Ben go, telling him where to find Johnny, a world-famous movie star who was down on his luck. Ben got what he needed from Johnny and was transported home, leaving Earth-111's Ben back in control of his own body.[1]


Seemingly those of Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616)#Powers., with the ability to change into his Thing form any time he wanted.

  • Ben obviously didn't change into his Thing form often, as none of the NYPD or New York residents recognized him that way.
  • The Baxter Building is a three-story apartment building on Earth-111.

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