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The Thing was a member of the Fantastic Four.[1]

Cosmic Brick Crisis

Operation: Latveria

With the Teseract being held in Latveria, Fury acquired the assistance of the Fantastic Four to storm Doom's castle after S.H.I.E.L.D. provided cleanup assistance for the Baxter Building. With the Four and Fury taking the Fantasti-Car to Latveria, they were met with incoming fire, Fury and Torch split up with the rest of the team to secure the landing zone, while Reed set the Fantasti-Car to autopilot and landed on Latverian soil with Sue and Ben. The three found Green Goblin's hellicopter, along with a group of Doombots and their line to Fury jammed. Fighting their way through the doombots and disabling the satellite that was blocking the signal, Fury sent the team a distress call, having met heavy resistance on the other side of the castle. Eventually meeting up with Johnny and Fury, the five were forced to trigger the security alarm to gain access to the elevator, as this would cause many Doombots to be brought down from the interiors of the castle and thus grant them access to the Elevator. Upon reaching Doom's lair, the five were met by Green Goblin who attacked them, knocking Johnny Storm unconcious, and sending Doombots after the rest. Eventually, the four were able to knock out Goblin. Afterwards, Johnny regained conciousness and the five confronted Doom. However, they were then crushed under rocks as a result of Loki's blasts.The five survived this attack, clearing up the rubble and bringing the captured Silver Surfer back to the hellicarrier.[1]

Pursuing Magneto

Upon Magneto stealing a Roxxon nucelar source, Thing and Captain America were flown to Magneto's location by Black Widow. Landing on the island that Asteroid M was held, Thing went through a rough landing, smashing into the ground and burrying him in the sand. Captain America helped Grimm out of the sand and the pair explored the island, finding and taking out several Brotherhood bases along the way. Eventually, they found a group of dinosaurs taken from the Savage Land before they found Magneto raising the island. After being cornered by a group of Dinosaurs, the two were rescued by Storm who joined them in their quest to take down Magneto. The three eventually encountered Mystique posing as Magneto, using a metal-bending gun to further the pretense, and Rhino who had taken refuge on the island. After Thing was able to beat Rhino in a fight, the three used nearby Debris to break through Mystique's metal shield. Despite their efforts, however, Asteroid M still rose, though they were still able to capture Mystique. [1]

Battle on Asteroid M

Pursuing Asteroid M, the three found Spider-Man standing alone against Loki and Doom. They decided to help Spider-Man, prompting the two to retreat to the upper levels. Fighting Magneto Acolytes and Doombots along the way, the four were able to activate an elevator to the outer corridors of the spacestation, where they were met by minions and security measures, including several security turrets. Opening a door to a joining connection bridge despite the securities' systems warnings, the quartet were sucked out into space, eventually landing back in the spacestation where they confronted Doctor Doom.With Doom channeling his newfound power into a forcefield and Loki out of reach, the team fought a wave of standard Doombots, V-Series Doombots and Magneto Acolytes before Doom chanelled his powers into a laser cannon, allowing Captain America to deflect it, destroying the cannons and allowing them to fight him directly. After working through the rest of his defences, the heroes were finally able to defeat Doom, with the Thing punching him into space. After Iron Man and Thor rejoined the group Loki revealed his master plan, use the Doom Ray to take control of Galactus and have it devour Earth and Asgard. Loki demonstrated this, having Galactus destroy Asteroid M, causing the 6 heroes to crash-land on the hellicarrier. Team One worked to repair one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. turbines, eventually directing the subsequent wind to Galactus. [1]

Last Stand on the Hellicarrier

Faced with the prospect of global annihilation, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Earth's mightiest heroes made an alliance with various villains who had previously been hired by Doctor Doom and Loki. Thing was assigned to 'Team One', with Spider-Man, Mystique and Green Goblin. Team One worked to repair one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. rotos, eventually directing the subsequent wind to Galactus. Eventually, the earth was saved, with Team Three summoning a Black Hole and Team Four knocking Galactus and Loki into it. As per Fury and Doom's earlier agreement, the villains were given a thirty second head-start to escape, an idea that was unintentionally sabotaged by Hulk's inability to count to three, allowing the villains to escape. [1]

Afterparty at Stark Tower

Celebrating their victory over Galactus, Tony Stark held a wrap party at Stark Tower. Thing attended the party and, much like the other guests, found it lifeless and boring. However, Thing was able to get into the party once Tony and Rhodey were able to assemble a DJ Station, a disco ball and repair a speaker Hulk had broken. [1]

A Trip to the Park

Taking a day off in the park with Thing, Spider-Man's Spider-Sense was cut off when his Spider-Sense alerted him to danger going on in the reptile house. The two investigated the house, finding Curt Connors conducting his experiments and transforming into the Lizard as a result. Pursuing Connors throughout the lab, Thing was ultimately able to physically subdue Lizard, allowing Spider-Man to wrap him up in webbing. [1]

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Seemingly those of the Benjamin Grimm of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Benjamin Grimm of Earth-616.

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