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Seemingly those of Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616)#Powers


Seemingly those of Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616)#Abilities

Strength level

As the Thing, Ben possesses considerable super human strength, enough he was able to go toe-to-toe in a fight against the Hulk for a period. His body tissues are of significant durability and hardness to withstand projectiles and punches and falls.


  • Ben's large rock like fingers have compromised his dexterity. Making it hard to grasp small objects such as pins. His fingers and lack of skin friction also make it hard to pick up flat objects like paper and index cards or press small buttons such as cell phones or touch screens. However his dexterity seems adequate enough as he was able to hold and flip a coin.
  • His strength also makes it difficult for him to grab fragile objects without breaking them as his rock like skin delivers less feedback to determine if the object is under stress. Even normal objects like phones, remotes, etc could break under his grasp. However with practice it seems negated as he was able to juggle three children without harming them.
  • Ben's size is noteworthy thus it is awkward for Ben to enter standard sized doorways without hunching over.


Fantasti-Car , Personal automobile (modified Hummer)


Any provided by Reed Richards (Earth-135263)

  • Voiced by: Brian Dobson

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