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Ben Grimm of Earth-295 was part of the last remaining human resistance cells fighting against Apocalypse's genetic culling in North America, for which his friend Reed Richards was a major tactician. Ben and Reed's lover Sue Storm were among those evacuated from Manhattan to Europe, at the ultimate sacrifice of Reed and Sue's brother Johnny[1].

In London, Ben became a member of the Human High Council's security force, likely due to his experience as a pilot and a soldier. Sue joined him there, and the two became lovers. In recent times the two were coming in for a landing at the Eurasian airfield when it suddenly exploded. Narrowly escaping the explosion, the pair landed and investigated the cause of the blast, encountering the giant mutate known as the Thing. Attacked by the near impervious creature, Sue sent it fleeing after blasting off its ear. Chasing after the creature, they found Bruce Banner, a scientist working for the Council (and unknown to them a traitor working for Apocalypse's forces under the alter ego of the Thing). Banner asked them to take him to Buckingham Raze where Mikhail Rasputin, a Horseman of Apocalypse was giving peace talks to the Human High Council. There they were joined by security chief Victor von Doom, inventor Tony Stark and his colleagues Donald Blake and Gwen Stacy in hearing Mikhail's speech. Upon learning that Mikhail was only using these "peace talks" as an ends to exterminate humanity, Ben and the others were captured and taken for cybernetic experimentation[1].

Ultimately, Ben and the others were freed thanks to the intervention of a rebellion against Mikhail. Ben and Sue armed themselves up and led a revolt against Mikhail outside the ship. When they discovered that Apocalypse had initiated his sea-wall defense that would destroy all of Europe, Ben rushed to the escape craft heading for outer space. Along the way he rescued a baby named Frankie, after the child's father is gunned down. Ben managed to make it to the ship, but not before being shot. When Sue checked on him, she found that he had bled out and died saving young Frankie's life[2].



He is an experienced pilot for the resistance.

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