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The Thing of Earth-49487 exist in a reality that closely mirrors the early days of the modern age of Earth-616 when the Fantastic Four was still in their early beginnings. The group soon encountered their Earth-616 counterparts who ended up in their reality trying to search for their missing leader Mister Fantastic. When the Invisible Woman of Earth-616 accidentally mistook Earth-49487's Mister Fantastic as her husband, the 616-FF were confronted by their 49487 counterparts. [1]

Although a possible battle was put aside while cooler heads prevailed, thanks to the machinations of a Malice controlled Psi-Lord, a fight broke out between the two versions of the Fantastic Four. As the battle raged on, the 616-FF's Ant-Man attempted to contact ants to aid in their battle. This led to Earth-49487's Henry Pym (formally an Ant-Man himself) to change into his identity of Giant-Man and gather his teammates in the Avengers to help the Fantastic Four from the "impostors" they were battling against. As the battle raged on, the combatants were interrupted by the arrival of the Dark Raider, an agent of Aron the Rogue Watcher. He slew both Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Girl of this reality before retreating from the rest of the heroes. With the death of half of the team, the Fantastic Four was no more. In the confusion the Earth-616 heroes returned on their quest to find their lost leader, leaving their Earth-49487 counterparts to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. [2]

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Seemingly those of Earth-616 counterpart in his original Thing for,


Seemingly those of Earth-616 counterpart.

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