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Quote1.png No I'm part of this team... I want... respect. Quote2.png
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Ben Grimm was the pilot in Reed Richards' voyage to space, alongside Susan Storm and John Jameson. Like the others, Grimm was mutated, though he was the only survivor of the rocket's explosion. Ben was transformed into a rock-skinned creature with superhuman strength and a diminished intellect. He was taken in by Dr. Doom, who named him the It. The It became one of the Fearsome Four, though he was treated like an animal and was often the victim of Doom's frustrations. Tired of being mistreated, the It betrayed Doom and sided with Polaris after Doom tried to kill Magneto and Quicksilver. After Doom was defeated, the It ended up meeting Alicia Masters, who took him to the Human Resistance.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Benjamin Grimm of Earth-616.


He has a sub-human intellect.

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