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Benjamin Grimm's history in this universe is more or less identical to his Earth-616 counterpart. At one point in his career as a member of the Fantastic Four, he ended up rescuing his friend and teammate Mr. Fantastic from the Rhino. The Thing came to the aid of Nick Fury when the Masters of Evil attacked the UNN Alpha Helicarrier, and later became part of the Ultimate Alliance. The Fantastic Four helped defeat Dr. Doom and stop the Masters of Evil. He rejoined the Four when the Alliance was disbanded.[1]

Some years later, The Thing was one of the heroes who went with Fury to Latveria, and when the Civil War erupt, Thing disappeared, wanting to stay Neutral. The Pro-Registration forces were attacked at Yancy Street, and the Thing appeared angry for the War coming to him, defeating a nanite controlled Lady Deathstrike and a freed Multiple Man. He decided to join the fight in the Civil War, and later fought the Fold when they took over the world.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Thing from Earth-616.


Same as his Earth-616 counterpart.


  • The Thing will join the player no matter what side they are on in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.
  • In the Wii/PS2 version of Ultimate Alliance 2, Thing is the only member of the Fantastic Four who is unavailable at the start.

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