Ben Grimm and Reed Richards piloted a starship into space and were bombarded with cosmic rays.[1] Ben gained the combined powers of flame and stretching and became Mister Fantastic. Grimm gained the love of Sue Storm, and eventually her hand in marriage. Ben didn't really want or need his powers, so he had Reed remove them.[2] Shortly thereafter, he and Sue were attacked by Andrones which were now controlled by IT. They were saved by Ben's Earth-616 counterpart, which had come in search of Reed. However, recent attacks by the "time-menaces" of Earth-616 had made the people of Earth-721 distrustful, and Ben gassed his Earth-616 counterpart, knocking him out. Ben claimed that he had done this to prevent his Earth-616 counterpart from receiving greater injury at the hands of the military.[3]

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Formerly those of Reed Richards of Earth-616 and Jonathan Storm of Earth-616

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