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The past history of Ben Grimm of Earth-774 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the point in which Bruce Banner became the Hulk. In this reality, Banner would retain his intelligence while in his Hulk form. Eventually, Reed Richards would ask Banner to aid him in curing Ben of being the Thing. They would succeed in doing so, changing Ben back to his human form and he would leave the Fantastic Four to pursue a normal relationship with his sweetheart Alicia Masters, although he would continue to live in the Baxter Building.

When Galactus would arrive to consume the Earth, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner and Charles Xavier would use their Psychotron device to merge into a single being dubbed the X-Man. Upon their successful merging they would be intruded upon by Ben Grimm who, not realizing that the creature was a combination of his three friends, would get in it's way and it would callously knock him aside into some devices. The energies given off by the X-Man would ultimately mutate Ben back into the Thing. This time however the Thing would have increased strength and have a total malice toward humanity and would bound away from Reed and the others following the defeat of Galactus. Ben would become of significant menace to prompt the government to mobilize "Operation: Thing" (led by General Ross) to try and capture and contain the Thing[1].

His current whereabouts remain unrevealed.

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Much the same as Ben Grimm of 616, with an extra shot of madness, thanks to X-Man.

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