Quote1 What? Oh yeah. Of course. It's Clobberin' Time! Quote2
-- Ben Grimm src

Early Years

Reed Richards created a machine that he dubbed "The Promise". The machine was designed to rid Ben of his mutation. However, during the procedure there was a malfunction and many people present were stripped of their powers and abilities as well, including Jean Grey, Captain America, Cyclops and even Reed himself.

Iron Man

Ben, now an average human being, donned an Iron Man-like suit of armor that bore a resemblance to his former rocky exterior.

As a continuing member of the Fantastic Four, he formed a relationship with newcomer to the team Firestar. Both disagreed with Sue's endgame method, which involved the Four arresting mutants and people with abilities. When rebels from both the present and the past broke into the N-Zone Facility, Ben and Elizabeth joined them in overthrowing Sue and Namor, and freed the prisoners.

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