What If Vol 2 11 page 05 Benjamin Grimm (Earth-9031)

With his 'flame on'

This reality's Ben Grimm received pryokinetic powers due to his exposure to the cosmic rays.

With his fellow astronauts Reed Richards, Susan Storm and Johnny Storm, he briefly formed the superhero team The Fantastic Four. However, in a battle with Miracle Man and a monster statue brought to life by the villain, a seemingly abandoned building caught fire. The team however decided that, since the building is condemned already, there’s no reason they shouldn’t just go bring in Miracle Man and then use their powers to stop the fire once they’re finished. Unbeknown to them however, a single mother waitress and her daughter had taken up residence in the building. When the team finally came back to put out the fire, they found an exhausted firefighter with a dead little girl in his arms and a mother screaming at them for being murderers. Horrified by how they unintentionally let a little girl die, the team disbanded for good.

Ben was the only member of the team who managed to get over his guilt and continue to use his powers to be a superhero. He took the name of Human Torch and became a member of this reality's incarnation of The Avengers.


Seemingly those of Jonathan Storm (Earth-616)#Powers.

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