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The history of the Thing seemingly followed the same path as his Earth-616 counterpart's up to the moment in which Namor became a member of the Fantastic Four, creating the Fantastic Five.

Dr. Doom took Sue hostage and forced the four men to travel back in time in search of Blackbeard's treasure (similar to event which happened in Earth-616). Later Sue married Namor. Reed left the team and Dr. Doom captured him, later using mind control on Richards. Doom ordered him to capture Sue and he readily complied and soon seizes the blonde girl (similar to the event of Earth-616 in which Overmind used mind control on Mr. Fantastic to get him attack Sue). After knocking Namor unconscious, Doom begun to strangle Sue and with Mr. Fantastic's arms still binding her, she was unable to break free. However, Reed eventually broke free of the mind control. He then attacked Doom, saving Sue's life. Doom was chased away by the Torch, the Thing and Namor. Reed married Lisette Orlova. Reed and Lisette eventually had a daughter, while Sue and Namor had a son.[1]

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Seemingly those of Thing of Earth-616.

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