"Two-fisted" senator Benjamin "Rocky" Grimm was a founding member of the Challengers of the Fantastic. He was romantically involved with June Masters, the robotics expert whom he accidentally blinded in a confrontation with Diablo the Volcano Man. During the battle with Galactiac, Grimm was temporarily transformed into the "Four-Armed Thing" and was forced to do Galactiac's bidding. After he reverted back into his normal self, Grimm felt that some sort of device should be constructed that would allow him to control his transformation into the Four-Armed Thing.[1]


While in "Four-Armed Thing" form, seemingly those of the Thing of Earth-616. In his normal form, he has no special powers.


Ben Grimm is a talented pugilist and a persuasive public speaker.

Strength level



As the "Four-Armed Thing", Grimm was essentially mindless and could only act on the orders of Galactiac.

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