Ben Grimm and the rest of the Fantastic Four gained their powers from Cosmic Rays. Ben was unhappy as the Thing and spent time with Reed attempting to cure him. The rays effects seemed to wear off on their own the day Spider-Man and Wolverine visited to get the money for their newspaper delivery. While talking, Reed secretly used a "Cosmic Ray" gun on Ben, turning him back into the Thing, saddened he asked to join the pair and the trio left in the Fantasti-Car. They visited the Avengers but Captain America assumed they three had arrived over a world ending threat and assembled the Avengers. After Peter revealed the truth, they all left and had Jarvis write them a check. The trio were joined by Cap when they visited Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts. Hawkeye initially didn't have any money until he realized tha he was on the front of yesterday's paper and suddenly had the money to buy them all. Spider-Man, Thing, Wolverine and Cap returned the Daily Bugle, having collected all the money and Spider-Man thanked the others who left.[1] Thing was on the side of Captain America's forces for the "Civil War" opposing the registration of users of the play park.[2]


Seemingly those of Benjamin Grimm of Earth-616.

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