Thing shared a similar history to his Prime Universe counterpart until he was sent back in time by Doctor Doom in order to obtain Blackbeard's treasure. Instead of returning home, Hulkpool arrived in 1717 on Blackbeard's ship. A storm was about to arrive but Hulkpool used his strength to create an enough force when he clapped to dissipate the storm. Blackbeard was so impressed by this he promoted Hulkpool to first mate and Hulkpool used his breath to blow the sails, abandoning Reed and Johnny. The pair sailed for a few months together amassing a huge pile of treasure until their ship was attacked by the British, who used used sorcery to summon a great leviathan to attack the ship. The pair were saved by Bob, who brought in Devil Dinosaur, Moon-Boy and the New Folk to help. The leviathan was slain and whilst feasting Bob picked up everyone present and dropped them in the American West in 1873. Eventually, Bob was able to gain control of the machine and seemingly send everyone back to their rightful time.[1] Thingbeard returned to the 1700's and attacked the British, ultimately starting the American Revolution early, leading him to form America on Earth-6001 and become the nations first president. A statue of him was erected some point before WWII and his face was placed on the $1 bill in the modern-age.[2]

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