Chamberlain Grimm was the advisor to Queen Storm of an unknown kingdom, who was connected to his Earth-616 counterpart for a brief period. The Queen was approached by her Captain of the Guard about a peasants revolt over equality led by the Man with an Iron Heart. She gave him permission to attack the enemy and asked Grimm whether she should join the fight to which he replied "Tis the Clobberin Hour". He joined the battle and was seen fighting the peasant. During the battle Space-Time collapsed he and the connection to Earth-616 versions were transported to Earth-TRN130.[1]

Grimm was confused but joined with his Earth-TRN130 counter-part and attacked the Deviant Skrulls after the battle, space time again collapsed and him and Pirate Captain Storm were transported to Earth-TRN585. Here they were in a futuristic Wild West and were having drinks with there Earth-TRN585 counterparts while Black Susan had a duel with the Stranger from Beyond. After dual space time collapsed again, and brought Chamberlain Grimm, Pirate Captain Storm and Black Susan to Earth-TRN586, a universe in a WWII style battle with the Skrulls. Grimm and Storm were pilots of the plan and after the crew jumped with parachutes, the plan started to go down but there was only one chute between them. Storm jumped out with the chute leaving Grimm to plummet to the ground without one.[2]

Space time collapsed again and transported everybody to Earth-TRN587, a world where Reed Richards was the Supreme Intelligence and was being overun by Symbiote possessed Skrulls. After Reed's death the Skrulls then attacked the group and they were attacked. Ben was seemingly killed by the Skrulls.[3]


Seemingly those of Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616)#Powers.

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