"Ben's" true form

"Ben" was one of a quartet of Skrulls who intended to frame the Fantastic Four for various crimes, eliminating them as potential threats and opening Earth's defenses for a Skrull invasion. They were ultimately thwarted by the Fantastic Four. Rather than killing them, the real Reed Richards forced them to become cows, hypnotically entrancing them to actually believe they were cows.[1]

"Ben" and his two other bovine co-patriots, (one had escaped the punishment), were not forgotten by their Skrull brothers, and the Super-Skrull re-activated them during the Kree-Skrull War[2], using them in his plan to abduct the Kree Avenger, Captain Marvel. In the end, they were turned over to the Alien Activities Commission, who forced them to become cows once again.

Their "milk", (actually Skrullian cells shifted to be milk), caused the town of King's Crossing to temporarily develop Skrull-like powers.[3] The trio were eventually sent to the slaughter house,[4] where their 'tainted meat' mixed with the rest and produced the same result as the milk in a select few individuals across the country, such as the Skrull Kill Krew.




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