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Benjamin Jones was the youngest child of the sorceress and superhero Arcanna and her husband Philip, and was born after his mother went into labor during a battle between her team the Squadron Supreme and the Redeemers.[1]

When Benjamin was still a baby, the Squadron's Earth was threatened by the encroachment and expansion of the Nth Man into their universe. Arcanna, with Benjamin in a papoose, accompanied her teammates in a starship into space to stop the Nth Man, hiding her identity and the presence of her baby by using an illusion to disguise herself as Moonglow.[citation needed]

When their Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Professor Imam tried to make contact with the Nth Man, the stress killed him and his power passed to the infant Benjamin, who was destined to be the next Sorcerer Supreme. Using his magical ability, Benjamin contacted the Nth Man, and offered to trade places with him. The Nth Man agreed and his human self Thomas Lightner became Earth-712's new Sorcerer Supreme, while Benjamin became the new, benevolent Nth Man, setting out to reverse the damage Lightner had caused to various universes. As Benjamin left his native universe, he wished his mother and her teammates well.[citation needed]

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Benjamin Jones was born with huge magical potential, and was destined to be his world's Sorcerer Supreme. As the Nth Man, Benjamin was a living space warp, with the power to destroy and absorb whole universes, and apparently the power to repair them too.

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