Benjamin Loufitz was an accomplished violin player during the 1940s. In 1944 he was involved in a serious automobile accident that severely injured his left hand, requiring doctors to amputate it despite Loufitz's protests. During the operation, Loufitz's mind snapped, and he believed that his competitors were responsible for his condition. By spring 1945, his madness had gotten to the point where he began plotting the murder of other violin players in the city.

He successfully murdered Joshua Heitz at the Civic Centre, and Eugene Lapka at Reinway Hall by shooting poison darts at his victims with a blow dart. The two murders attracted the attention of the Human Torch and Toro. Recalling Loufitz's accident the year before, the flaming duo began investigating Loufitz. When Loufitz killed David Maitz at the Municipal Auditorium, the Torch and Toro surrounded the building with a ring of fire to prevent Loufitz from escaping.

Pursued by Toro, Loufitz lured the young hero into a room where his flames were doused with the building's sprinkler system. He then set Toro in a fireproof glass cylinder and left him out as a trap for the Torch. Despite having his flames doused by the same sprinkler system, the Torch managed to avoid one of Loufitz's poison darts and freed Toro. The two heroes chased Loufitz to the roof of the auditorium where Loufitz stumbled over the edge and fell to his death.[1]


Prior to his accident Loufitz was an accomplished violin player.


Loufitz was criminally insane.


Loufitz killed his victims with poisoned darts that he fired from a blow pipe.

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