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Uncle Ben[src]


Early Life

Ben Parker was the uncle of Peter Parker, and married to May Parker. He died at the hands of a burglar, which inspired his nephew to use his arachnid super-powers to crime-fighting as Spider-Man.[1]

Great Power

Peter Parker recalled how he got his powers and that fateful night when Uncle Ben was killed by the same criminal that Spider-Man refused to catch earlier. A picture of Uncle Ben is seen having fun with Aunt May and a young Peter. Peter forgets to bring home a cake to celebrate Ben's Birthday.[1]

Great Responsibility

Spider-Man sees and illusion of Uncle Ben when he contemplates leaving the team.[2]

Strange Days

Uncle Ben was shown to know some simple magic tricks in Peter's childhood. Nightmare tries to use the failure Peter being unable to save his uncle's life against him which doesn't work.[3]

Ultimate Deadpool

Spider-Man while fighting Deadpool remembers that if it wasn't for Aunt May or Uncle Ben he may have turned out the same.[4]



Seemingly those of the Ben Parker of Earth-1610.


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